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Pose Bundles (Sessions)

Collections of photos at a big discount.
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Pose Credits

Discount on Poses and easy to use.
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Art Models books in PDF format

See the Pose Tool for a full list of available Poses.


Collections of Poses from individual photoshoots (Sessions) and the poses from our books (Companion Disk Downloads) offer a huge discount over individual Poses purchased in the Pose Tool.

Because they are digital products, delivery is available as soon as your payment is processed and of course there are no shipping or handling charges. Note: A reliable High Speed internet connection is strongly recommended for a successful download.

Get your favorite art reference Poses for a lower price than individual Poses; packaged in a .Zip file for easy download. After purchase, a link will be emailed and you can start your download right away.

Pose Credits

Pose Credits offer a substantial discount over the individual Pose price. They are used in the Pose Tool to instantly add a Pose to your Library for immediate access.

Credits are added to your account on and do not expire. People have been buying and using Pose Credits since 2007.

Checkout just once when you initially buy the Credits then use them whenever you want a new Pose to instantly add it to your account.
See the Credits page for a list of discounts and benefits.


Art Models e-Books provide the contents of the entire print book in PDF format. Get your favorite Art Models book for much less than the cost of the paper version and without the wait nor the shipping and handling fees. Printing is enabled if you would like to print pages. The ebook does not include the contents of the Companion Disk. A download link will be emailed to you (please add and to your allowed senders list). You can then start your download right away.

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